Choosing right glass!

Well, it may seem obsurd, but when it comes to drinking wine, it is important to choose proper wine glass. While building my business, I have researched and extracted information from various websites and tried myself out.

To try out yourself, you can taste wine in tea mugs, cone shape glass or bulbous wine glass. To  a true wine lover, it is worth knowing that because of wine chemistry, it does taste and smell different in different environment.

A bit of general information on selecting glasses for white or red wine drinking.

Red wine glasses
Glasses for red wine are characterized by their rounder, wider bowl, which gives the wine space to breathe. Red wine glasses can have particular styles of their own, such as a bordeaux glass or a burgandy glass.

White wine glasses
White wine glasses are generally narrower, although not as narrow as champagne flutes, with somewhat straight or tulip-shaped sides. The narrowness of the white wine glass allows the chilled wine to retain its temperature for two reasons:

The reduced surface area of the glass (in comparison to red wine glasses) means less air circulating around the glass and warming the wine.
The smaller bowl of the glass means less contact between the hand and the glass, and so body heat does not transfer as easily to the wine.