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Our friendly team consist of artist designer, expert in glass painting and design work developed over several years, and managerial staff for providing excellent business service. Please see our product portfolio for our experts creative design work. We have researched wider market for glasses design along with the colours. After research and trying multitude of glasses for wine aesthetic and taste, we have selected few glasses which gives best results of wine / champagne drinks. Also our selected glasses have pure and clear glass, and light in weight which defines our glass quality as more elegant. If you want to know more about what type of glass should we consider for drinking particular wine, please click this link.

Similarly, after months of market research for available glass paints, we have selected paints which should provide elegant glossy and shady finish to our design work. We have also tested for their reliability by thorough washing tests. Kindly note that as per our research since all the paints are chemicals and they fade away if washed under very hot scalding water, we request our customer not to use them in dishwasher. Hand washing / wiping with cloth is fine and should preserve paint quality for long time.

As mentioned before, we are very committed team, thriving for best customer service and taking every step to make our customer happy! If you are pleased with our product, we would be very obliged if you provide some feedback to us to build our testimonials or rapport with our customers.

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