Why choose us? Why not choose from famous brand or famous high street retailer?

These are most important questions which comes to our mind before any purchase from different seller.

I can go and explain several general reasons like other sellers do for e.g.. we are UK based seller, excellent customer service, excellent product, and so on. however I am sure they will not convince you enough.

But the single point I want to highlight about my product is simply our unique quality copyrighted designs and artwork.  Our designs are well thought off, undergoes several draw revisions on paper first and then are implemented on glass. Our designs are unique and you will NOT be able to find any matching design anywhere in the world. So if you are buying for yourself or giving gift to someone, won’t it be great gift or present to be a unique item? Not to forget that the prices are well worth of the product you will get.

On top of it, we have not just picked up any colour and glass to work with. We have tried and tested many glasses and selected few considering their finish, taste of wine and its aesthetics. Also we have tested many colours available in the  market for their shine, glossiness, durability and finish and then selected few.  I bet you will be easily able to find all these combinations out in the Market now.

Plus, keep counting, 

Personalised designs – We also offer to glass paint any particular designs our customers have in mind. After all, we appreciate true artist may it be customer itself. 

Still worried? or in dilemma?

Well, the last thing I can offer whole heartedly simply is return the product if you are not happy with. Even though this is not our intention neither yours but I am sure it will be very difficult for you to return. Please see Information page for returns details.  We are adhered to our motto which is “Quality product, Happy Customer!”